30 Jun 2009

The Closer I Get To You

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While experimenting on how to embed videos on this new website format of mine, I came across an old performance with Sitti at the Captain’s Bar of the Mandarin Oriental where I played special guest. This was sort of an impromptu performance for all of us – band included – and a very special one at that, because aside from it being one of my all-time favorite songs, my soon-to-be boyfriend then, Nico, was in the audience, awaiting the surprise number I had secretly dedicated to him that night.

So now, after 2 years since the day we fatefully met, and a year after I said “yes,” here’s one of my songs to you, my love. It still describes how I feel whenever you’re here by my side, and still carries on the moment when I started saying “yes, love is real, and is alive again.”

Happy Anniversary, Nico. With all my deepest love,


30 June 2009

3 Responses to “The Closer I Get To You”

  1. Nico Nicomedes says:

    I love you, super!!! Happy Anniversary BeeBeeLoveKo!

  2. Ricci Chan says:

    I love you even more super beebeeloveko! mwah mwah mwah!

  3. The Ricky Show says:

    It was so great to meet you two last night. You are a wonderful couple and I hope we get to hang out some more! My God, when you sang “Alone” you gave me goosebumps, astig!!!!!


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