02 Sep 2008

Sweet Nothings

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Nico is sleeping, I am still awake, and eating my 3rd pack of Mallows. Life is good.

But it gets even better when you realize, out of sheer boredom, that you’re life is really a reflection of who you’re surrounded with. Or better yet, who you surround yourself with. And boy, what a wonderful collection of personalities it has been. And you suddenly stop wondering why you’re such a noisy little pipsqueak donning couture (or couture-couturean) clothes immersing yourself with every bit of information, wandering aimlessly till you hit your next best witticism and sing in the shower knowing full well that a) the acoustics are at its very best, and b) your voice is still that powerful gift it has been since day one.

So thank you Marlon, Nico, Kerwin, Marco & JayJay, RickyV, JayLo, RickyMae, JouJou and Ralph, Tim & Lara, Uge, Chris, Andoy, Harlene, Frances, Gwyn, Stella, Sid, Paolo & Miren, The Quatangs of Dian (yes that includes you Chelu & Ana), Kiran, Mona & Bebette, Pating & Martin (yes, can you believe they’re actually close friends? i can’t), Bart & Dodo, Michael, Monique, Steve, Enan, Dan & Rye, Lawrence, Dante, Juan III, LalaFlo, Steven, Krist, Ronnie, Luis, The FZ, Pierra & Toto, Dennis, Vic, Arnold & Jingle, The Villegas Sibs, Ben, Lord, and everyone else.

To those who aren’t on the list and think that they should be in it, don’t worry. Karma has its way of getting back at people (strictly speaking, though, it’s dharma that has that effect, but you get the picture).

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  1. cant_u_read says:

    thank you, too, for being around me and for having me around.

    big kiss from mamplasan!


  2. Tim and says:

    You’re welcome. :-)

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