01 Sep 2008

OK ka ba tiyan?

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I actually HATE hospitals.

The statement sounds kinda absurd, coming from a hypochondriac who’s virtually had a tour of the various ERs around the metro, but yes, I do hate the site of sick bodies, raw undiagnosed diseases, and ugly people (you will have to agree that, even Brad Pitt would look quite ugly, or at least, not at tip-top beauty, when afflicted with any sickness).

So you can just imagine the horror I had to go through when early this morning (exactly 1:30 am), I had to rush Nico to the ER of St. Luke’s because he was experiencing stomach cramps.

I had the same exact feeling a few weeks back, after I had just eaten at Pepper Lunch (great meal, though, and I still love that restaurant — which means I probably didn’t cook the food I bought well enough before eating it), and went through almost a week of hell, which included the token watery poops, stomach cramps, sudden visits to the loo, and everything else we avoid getting or doing when faced with this affliction. So when Nico asked if we could go to the ER, there were no second thoughts to it. It just had to be done.

First of all, let me just say that in an emergency, the St. Luke’s parking layout is the worst (if you don’t have a driver). You’d have to drive to a separate building, moreso the 3rd floor, before you could (if you weren’t there on peak hours) find a parking slot, only to find that a slow elevator was to greet you to bring you down, before you could start your 2 minute walk to the actual gate of the ER. Kung atake sa puso yun, talo ka na (If it were a heart attack, you’d be a goner).

Secondly, for those who have actually had the misfortune of being at the St. Luke’s ER, the air conditioning in that area is just insanely too cold! I found myself sulking over the fact that I forgot my parka, wasn’t wearing my thermals, and unfortunately for myself yesterday, was only wearing a sleeveless shirt, board shorts, and Havaianas.

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