04 Jul 2010

Dawn Zulueta for Health Today

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October 2008

Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo

Photographed by Sara Black
Makeup by Ricci Chan
Hair by Janet De Rama

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  1. Maridyth Olivia says:

    Dear Dawn Zulueta,
    You are very pretty I wish I can meet you soon. I started liking you cause of you’re new drama, teleserye… “Walang Hanggan”. Fact: I am a girl =))) Hope I’ll be able to meet you soon and I also hope you can read this :) Good bye! :) Have a nice day! Please remember me Mrs. Dawn Zulueta and the name that was required is really not my name. I’m sorry for changing it but I’m just really scared for you to know. So please don’t forget me :) Bye now! :(( =)))

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