22 Jan 2010

T3#5: 10 Things I Hate About KFC Commonwealth Avenue (repost)

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What do you do when you’re thinking about dinner, cannot get out of where you are, only have your phone as your ally, and can spare 30 minutes to wait? NOT CALL KFC OF COURSE! And here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t:

1.) When you call, let say, around 6:14 pm, expect to receive a “follow up” 30 minutes later, only to be told you need to wait for an additional 30 more minutes (and possibly more) for the actual order to arrive;

2.) The only reason they will tell you is that they only have ONE RIDER to do ALL the deliveries in the Tandang Sora/Commonwealth/UP Diliman area;

3.) Even after you tell them that your place is a 5 minute drive away, they will insist that they cannot deliver it earlier than 30 minutes, or now, running at an hour since your phone call to their call center;

4.) You cancel your order over the phone to the deadpan lady on the other side of the line, and never do you hear from them again.

5.) Because your partner insists on eating KFC and since you’ve already decided to eat that anyway, you go out of your way and make the 5 minute drive to the branch, hoping against hope that you don’t bump into the law because you realize midway that your car is coding;

6.) When you reach the branch, you are welcomed by the non-existence of parking, or parking along Commonwealth Avenue, so you decide to go through the drive thru lane instead;

7.) The drive thru experience is best described as: a U-Turn slot with CLOSED ORDER WINDOWS with no attendants to take your order, no clear signs with which to proceed, and having to honk your horn several times in order to get their attention;

8.) When someone finally takes your order on the first window, which by the way, they casually write on a piece of scrap paper, you will be surprised to find out the UNAVAILABILITY of the order only upon reaching the second window;

9.) Asking why the order, which concurrently, was the same order that you made over the phone, and the same order with which they said was available, but will only take more than an hour to deliver, was unavailable, the only excuse they were able to cough up was the excuse that they were already closing shop soon, and that if we wanted it badly, we can wait for 20 minutes along the drive thru lane, causing traffic and unnecessary blockage;

10.) After deciding on eating at MCDONALD’S (which is always a pleasant experience), you call up the call center to complain, only to be “rigodoned” from person to person, and finally, when demanding for an apology from the call center and the branch, and only after insisting on speaking with the manager, you are presented with a million and one excuses, and an additional thousand and one defense lines before an obviously forced apology is hurriedly excreted from their clearly unapologetic minds.


So what’s the lesson? Don’t order from KFC, unless you want to die of hunger, and die irritated and frustrated at that. Since when did they change Fried to Fucking-Your-Customers?

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