16 Apr 2009

T3#1: 10 Things I Hate About Home Makeover Shows

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Ok ok I know it’s been a while (read: almost half a year) since I last posted. I have been a deliquent. But in between bouts of writers’ block, procrastination, and pure boredom, business has been booming, and life has been quite active.

But now that I have found the time to write (much like finding the time to go to the gym and haul my 15-pounds overweight ass), I will try to keep it as regular as possible.

Let me keep this simple. The title says it all.

1.) Not because one is from Morocco, one will enjoy a Moroccan-inspired room. Nor am I, a Filipino, one to love my room transformed into a Filipiniana Fiesta. So designers: start with some creativity please!

2.) Don’t tell us you only need $3000 to refurbish an entire house, when you hide the actual hidden costs of carpeting, wallpapering, furniture construction, and plain old demolition.

3.) Spray-on glue does NOT hold fabrics and will NOT hold the open seams on your throw pillows.

4.) A beautiful room is not necessarily a functional room. In fact, it rarely is.

5.) A full renovation cannot happen in 2 days. One that does will need another renovation in a few months. 3 tops.

6.) Where did all the clothes go when they started renovating, and what were they supposed to wear when they got back, Extreme Makeover Home Edition?!

7.) If all carpenters, decorators, and foremen looked like Ty Pennington, David Bromstad, & Andrew Dan-Jumbo, I will refocus my massage budget purely to renovation.

8.) TVs hidden in an armoire are useless. If you don’t want a TV seen, take it out of that room.

9.) Would you actually admit that you HATE a makeover done on your room with TV cameras on your face, a release form you signed before the actual makeover, and your reputation on the line, even if you actually did?

10.) I hate the fact that these makeover shows only happen in Northern America & Europe, mostly.

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