07 Nov 2008


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America gets a new chance, and Hollywood’s long-time prediction (or joke) is proven true: Obama wins, there is a Black president in the White house, and everyone (well, at least majority of the US — and the world) is happy.

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While watching a rerun of “So You Think You Can Dance” on Velvet last Wednesday, I stumbled upon this absolutely beautiful piece called “Time” by Billy Porter and obsessively scoured the “interweb” (as House would jokingly refer to the net) for a copy. Thankfully, there was one available in the iTunes Music Store as I intentionally didn’t want to pirate this copy (unlike some I couldn’t care less for), thinking music like this should be supported and not stolen (alright, alright, let’s get into that whole double standard about which products are deemed deserving of not being pirated and which are not in a later entry, ok?).

The last part of the song goes:

Time for change
Its time to care
It’s not too late
Don’t despair
Reach inside your heart

To find the joy and love
To share with all mankind
For all we know

All we have
Is time

I play the song in a loop and get a sudden and mysterious urge to move — like wanting to choreograph a number — seeing how much I can extend my left leg upward, coming from a full plie and then recovering on my left in preparation for a fouetté (not necessarily the 32 required in Swan Lake), until I end on the 5th position.  And then I realize how much frustrated I get when I notice that I don’t have enough length in my body to become a dancer (which is one of my life’s biggest disappointments), after which I wonder why I still attend Dance Class if I can’t get from it what I really want.

As I continuously effort to do the impossible, I notice that in every attempt my legs get invariably stronger, and the angles they make from the ground grow relatively steeper; my knees get lower at every grand plie, and my turns get smoother and smoother until, finally, after an hour or so of attempting, I find comfort in the lines I see in the mirror and see that the impossible isn’t as impossible as it seemed.  That was an hour I will never see again, an hour I will never get back, nor was it an hour wasted on doing nothing but trying things I thought I could never do.  And to reward myself, I took a bite (actually 6 full ones) of Mallows and went on doing what I was supposed to do for the day.

What did you do today to change your world?

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