24 Nov 2008

Christmas Contests Ka-Cheapan!

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Believe it or not, this is the photo I present on my travels.

I will admit, though, that there has been some assistance (the operative word being SOME) from CS3, but the photo is still a testament to the photographic talent of Ronnie Salvacion and makeup savvy of Juan Sarte III. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, life’s a ball when you have the country’s best do something as mundane for you as your passport picture. It is such a good thing.

As a makeup artist, one is constantly inspired to bring out the best features in one’s client. There is never the wrong client; there is only the uninspired moment. Every one has that inherent je ne sais quoi waiting to be discovered, unearthed, contoured, or polished. So in the days of modern cosmetics, HD makeup, and technologically-enhanced beauty products, there is really no excuse to look bad, and the request to look like a better version of yourself is literally as easy as booking the right makeup artist, or buying the correct concealer.

And since I do have the penchant to bring things one step further, through the magic of the internet, I have undergone several facial surgeries. Note: these are all virtual procedures, and should not be done without the supervision of an art director, fashion editor, or Tita Vicky Belo (or your trusted cosmetic expert). Bad taste should be left outside the door, together with one’s sanity, and one should only check in, and check out these pictures, with the utmost understanding that it is all in the name of jest. Otherwise, please leave now. (Mental note: bawal ang KJ at walang sense of humor!)

Inspired by Boboy’s pa-contest on his blog, I have also come up with my own Yuletide treat to all those who graciously & patiently read my life’s ranting. Attached hereafter are several versions of my passport picture morphed into some of the world’s most recognizable faces. Identify chronologically the person with which my face has been hybridized and the person (well, the first one of you at least) who comes up with the complete correct list will win an original DVD of my choice (please trust my movie tastes; I used to do the morning show movie critiques way back when I was still on cam). Post your list here, and please feel free to add whatever comment you wish as long as you properly place the right person on the corresponding number.

In the words of the quintessential game show host Bob Barker: come on down!

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P.S. Contest Rules: The winner is solely responsible for all taxes and/or fees that may be incurred (actually, wala naman). The winner is required to verify proper and legal picture identification and phone number within 30 days of notification of winning the prize (para lang maging close na tayo ng bonggang bongga). The winner may forfeit any and all winnings if verification cannot or has not been made within 30 days (or kung feeling ko hindi mo naman deserve talaga manalo). Upon proper verification, winnings will be awarded personally, within seven (7) business days (or before Christmas, para special). Neither I, my friends, or sponsors may be held liable for any warranty, costs, damage, injury, or any other claims incurred as a result of usage of any winner of a prize once possession has been taken of the product by winner (actually, hindi ko maintindihan ito; bahala na si Batman). I will not be liable for any loss arising out of or in connection with or resulting from any contest promoted by other starlets. If the specified prize becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, I may substitute a prize of like or equal value (in other words, wala ka talagang choice). Management, employees and families of Ricci Chan are prohibited from winning any prizes awarded by Ricci Chan (so Nico, bawal ka; isama mo na si Mommy). I reserve the right to alter any rules of the contest at anytime. If you have any questions or complaints about my contest, please leave a comment here at www.riccichan.com.

4 Responses to “Christmas Contests Ka-Cheapan!”

  1. DAN (HK Beckies) says:

    Andami naman, mars! Pahirapan talaga sa pagkuha ng dvd na yan? O sha! Eto, so far, ang mga sagot ko.

    1. Elijah Wood
    2. Vanessa Hudgens
    4. Victoria Beckham
    7. Meryl Streep
    8. Alyssa Milano
    9. Jennifer Lopez
    11. David Beckham
    12. Angelina Jolie
    13. Beyonce Knowles
    15. Justin Timberlake
    16. Zhang Ziyi
    17. Julia Roberts
    18. Winona Ryder
    19. Audrey Hepburn
    21. Kate Moss
    22. Oprah Winfrey
    23. Julianne Moore
    24. Brad Pitt

  2. CW says:

    Here’s for nothing .

    1) Estelle Getty of Golden Girls
    2) Jessa Zaragosa of I don’t know from where.
    3) Akiro Sato
    4) Ynez Veneracion
    5) Wilma Doesnt
    6) Sharon Cuneta at her fattest
    7) Glenn Close
    8) Timi Yuro at her youngest
    10) Eula Valdes
    11) Rustom Padilla’s Pre-PBB picture
    12) Some model for Stevenson Hair Transplant (the “before” in the before and after)
    15) Marc Anthony Fernandez during rehab
    16) Luis Manzano preparing for his new movie
    17) Jackie Lou Blanco before winning Ms. Slimmers World
    18) The boy from Maximo Oliveros
    19) Donita Rose
    21) Hero Bautista in drag or Hero Bautista.
    22) Jinky Oda
    23) Rowell Santiago
    24) Bea Arthur

    Face DVDs as consolation prize will also be accepted. =)

  3. Chris Ong says:

    1. Elijah Wood
    2. Vanessa Hudgens
    3. rob lowe/ ken waymack
    4. Victoria Beckham
    5. Tyra banks
    6. izza ignacio hahaha
    7. Meryl Streep
    8. renee zellwegger
    9. Jennifer Lopez
    10. sharon stone/ hilda koronel
    11. David Beckham
    12. Angelina Jolie
    13. Beyonce Knowles
    14. alysa milano
    15. Justin Timberlake
    16. Zhang Ziyi
    17. Julia Roberts
    18. Winona Ryder
    19. Audrey Hepburn
    20. jessica alba
    21. Kate Moss
    22. Oprah Winfrey
    23. Julianne Moore
    24. Brad Pitt

  4. rickyv says:

    1. ricci wood
    2. ricci guillen
    3. ricci dicaprio
    4. ricci adams beckham
    5. ricci banks
    6. ricci himself!
    7. ricci streep
    8. ricci zellwegger
    9 ricci lopez
    10 ricci ciccone
    11 ricci beckham
    12. ricci jolie-pitt
    13. ricci knowles
    14. ricci taylor
    15. ricci timberlake
    16. ricci zhang
    17.ricci roberts
    18. ricci ryder
    19. ricci hepburn
    20. ricci williams
    21. ricci moss
    22. ricci winfrey
    23. ricci lohan
    24. ricci pitt

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