19 Sep 2008

You Win None, You Lose One

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“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” — Emirates Airline TVC copy

This is one of my most favorite copies of all time. It couldn’t have been said any better, shorter, wittier, and just plain old simpler. And today, this copy rings true to my ear, having just lost a bid on a makeup kit I have so desperately wanted on eBay, and yet feeling quite elated at the fact that winning it would have made me depressed, and more importantly, financially less liquid (read: poorer).

This feeling is alien to me — being happy at a sad retail incident, especially seeing as I’ve used it as therapy all this time. It’s quite interesting. That losing this (eBay) battle can feel like winning the war (on my debt).

So I hope you enjoy viewing the pic of this pick, as I will have to settle with viewing this view for now.

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