04 Sep 2008

The Difference Between Subtlety And Crap

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Abstinence, as defined by the dictionary, is a noun that refers to the act or practice of refraining from indulging an appetite, or the practice of choosing not to do something one would like. It requires an absoluteness of perspective, and is never a whimsical forethought, as in the case of “abstaining” from white chocolate, and not from dark; there is no such thing. It is never balanced, nor is it borne out of vague profundities; it is definitive, bound, and a slave to its own end. It is the nonreturnable fruit from the Garden of Good & Evil, and has never been part of the vocabulary to which “annulment” and “divorce” belong to. It is black or white, and never seen in tones, and will never be an “or” or “but.” It simply “is.”

So to say that one is “abstinent” and post a picture very similar to this one on the internet (minus the deliberate underwear logo to which ones employment belongs to), on a gay-website at that, is short of saying that a dog is a cat, or Newton’s Laws of Physics are refutable theorems of thought. In other words, it is an oxymoron. It belongs to the kind of rhetoric that governments and politics are currently engaged at, a matter or making things sound palpable, yet in turn seem utterly indigestible.

In the case of subtlety, the key word is consistency. Neither can exist without the other. Subtlety is the insulin that regulates our blood sugar’s consistency, the fixed time to our life’s mortality. It is not the pleasant surprise, nor is it the soliloquy leading towards the plot twist. It is, almost militaristically, in cadence, and requires a specific pace at a specific time.

I would have much rather been faced with the harsh reality of rejection than having to have been subjected to the enormous undertaking of such a travesty as to be presented with these opposing concepts of abstinence and earthliness, of subtlety and vulgarity. The abomination of thought lies within the discourse of encouragement — to purposely sway one’s thought into the belief of a specific concept, yet mindfully knowing that the flesh is in total disparity with the mind. It reeks of malice, of dissent, of mindless frivolity. It is unnecessary and, ultimately, unimportant.

I say these words now as a parting thought to once more edit the unnecessary from my otherwise gratified existence. And though curiosity and inquisitiveness stand at the threshold of knowledge and discovery, I refuse to take things with the eyes of a lost boi and prefer to stare at destiny straight in the eye.

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