24 Sep 2008

Mercury And The Rain

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I HATE the rain.

image borrowed from David Nightingale

It causes added humidity to an already humid-filled climate . It ruins well-planned outfits. It brings out melancholy and unnecessary melomania, which is also the case when one finds himself left in the open sea. It contains pathogens that can cause disease and might be, especially these times, more acid than you think. It spoils a newly-washed car’s wax job, and renders most car wash employees found at your local parking lots jobless. Line-dried clothes always manage to smell “kulob” during the rain, and could also cause the growth of fungi in them. It forces you to carry an umbrella, which can be cumbersome if you have no where to put it. A wet umbrella, as well, becomes even more cumbersome to handle. On rainy days, one is compelled to cuddle, when actually, one shouldn’t really need any reason to cuddle to begin with. And I haven’t even begun to mention the usual flash floods, the sudden onslaught of traffic from nowhere, and the difficulty-to-get-a-cab-anywhere-in-the-city factor.

To those who love the rain will most likely come the “cleansing” defense — that it is Mother Earth’s way of “cleaning up” our mess, or balancing our continuous creation of heat, causing this green house effect. It “soothes” the tired soul and brings in a new-found “freshness” of body and spirit. It is the long-awaited “miracle” to a famine-filled country, the lone oasis in the vast desert of life. It is life’s little reminder to new beginnings, and provides nourishment to every carbon-based living thing.

Maybe the reason why I hate the rain is because when it hits me, it hits me real and hard. I still haven’t found one experience with the rain that made me laugh, smile, or ponder positively. Then again, maybe it’s just that Mercury in retrograde has been hitting me much harder, and that the rain is just a bigger manifestation of this lull. One thing’s for sure, though: it always stops. Even the big flood of Noah had to come to an end. I’m just hopeful that all of these – rain or retrograde – start hitting on the breaks, before I start blaming myself.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i love and hate the rain at the same time. i love how it brings people closer, whether it be them sharing umbrellas, jackets or just cuddling under the covers. i love the spattering sound it makes when it hits the pavement. i love how it makes you appreciate drinking coffee or hot cocoa especially if you’re sharing it with someone. i love how you know that at the end of the rain, there will most likely be a rainbow.

    i hate the fact tho that its so darned hard to get a cab when its pouring and i so hate getting my feet wet when it rains. haha.

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