18 Sep 2008

MasterCard Moments

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There are some things money can’t buy. Sure, you can think of “precious” memories, “loving” moments, even “embarrassing” anecdotes to name a few. More important for me, though, are those little details in life that, no matter what you do, you will never get back; things you wish you could have just paid some money to hang on to, or even keep forever. Those memories, those moments, those anecdotes you wish you could put in a small box and lock up for God knows how long.

But before you even bring out the kleenex, or start playing the soundtrack of “Beaches,” or both, this is NOT that kind of post. The type of things I’d like to put in a box belong to the Pandora kind — memories, moments, and anecdotes you wish to keep the earth safe from; things this world would be a better place without.

Let me start with the proverbial singing in the shower. As we are all entitled to being the “Idols” that we are in the privacy of our own wash area, the entire dynamic changes when the wash “area” becomes not so much our “own” (read: public, divided only by cheap, dark blue, plastic shower curtains). So PLEASE spare me the belting to 2 verses from “A House Is Not A Home” and then shifting to Ne-Yo’s “Go On Girl” because a) they don’t have anything in common other than the fact that they were both sung by African-Americans; b) you, wearing that bright red towel with your malnourished body, have no right to sing, even if your life depended on it; c) not only do you cause my ears aural diarrhea, but you cause the entire men’s locker room of Fitness First Platinum the same; and d) you’re butt-ugly.

Club Membership to an “exclusive” club – PhP 3,000++ per month
Personal Trainer – PhP 9000++ per 10 sessions
Peace inside the locker room from howling homosexuals with no voices – priceless.

One would think one is safe from the noise and bustle of the outside world of the men’s locker room inside the zen and quiet confines of the sauna. Wrong. And as you begin to think of porn scenes and queens parading in nothing but their towels and AussieBums, think again. At least, in fantasy (or in the other clubs, heck maybe even in this one), these things exist. But when you expect nothing but to get really sweaty inside the sauna, and get a) a call center faggot with a tr

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  1. steve says:

    hahaha… ano ba yang gym na pinupuntahan mo… di ata upper upper level!?

  2. Ricci Chan says:

    i know!? hindi ko nga makayanan ang concept. masyadon nang naaaford ng mga normal na tao ang mga upper-upper things! dapat mga abnormal lang ang pwede! hahahahaha!

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