01 Sep 2008

La Premiere Edition

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I have been wanting to write more for the longest time, being known for my highly opinionated views on things, people, events, and whatever your mind can come up with. So, in the past few days, encouraged by my friends from Hong Kong (officially known as the HK Beckies), I’ve decided to plunge back into the blogsphere and actually start documenting (again) my mind’s musings.

So welcome to my new (blog) world, and I hope you get something — anything, from it. Please feel free to comment as you wish. There’s nothing more encouraging than minds picking on each other. We might not agree — which is not a bad thing, really — but at least we know that life’s not going to be boring.

Sit back, but please, don’t relax. Life’s not meant to be driven by a back-seat driver.

2 Responses to “La Premiere Edition”

  1. cant_u_read says:

    “…encouraged by my friends from Hong Kong (officially known as the HK Beckies)…”

    — kasama ‘ko jan!!! woohoo!

  2. Ricci Chan says:

    aba naman, inspired by you in part mars, because i enjoy reading your entries! (in other words, inggiterang palaka ako) hahahahaha!

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